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Despite the travel restrictions and the pandemic, the global biomass community demonstrated all its liveliness, creativity, and commitment, with an outstanding participation to the e-EUBCE 2020 (28th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition).

From 6 to 9 July 2020, more than 1,550 experts from research, industry and institutions spread across 87 countries, contributed to the success of the first-ever fully virtual biomass conference and exhibition, providing more than 540 presentations and moderating 65 webinar sessions in total.

Just like it was for all the EUBCE events in the past, the conference sessions and the exhibition were always animated by participants from near and far, in some cases even from opposite sides of the world and time zones, speaking and listening to live presentations, watching slideshows, asking and replying questions through their screens at the same time.

On Monday 6 July, the virtual opening session totalled over 1,530 attendees, the exhibition scored 1,784 visitors on one day. European policymakers rated the conference as highly relevant for the current European political agenda. Economic recovery and climate policy are both top priorities for them, and this year’s EUBCE has been dedicated to it.

Claudes Turmes, Minister for Energy of Luxembourg, recorded his videomessage for the conference from a forest, underlining how important the bioeconomy is for European citizens. He places bioeconomy as a cornerstone for making Europe more resilient and points how the climate urgency requires us to not loose time.

Maria Gracia Carvalho, former Minister of Energy of Portugal and currently Member of the European Parliament, welcomed the conference -which she was chairing last year- as a wonderful contribution for creating the vision for a real Green Deal, by integrating the first time the aspects of bioeconomy in the conference.



Next year the EUBCE will hopefully go back to its traditional physical format, in Marseille (France) from 26 to 29 April 2021.

The e-EUBCE interactive platform and all its multimedia content will be available for viewing until September 2020.

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Did you miss the e-EUBCE 2020 live? No problem!

The on-demand complete video of the Conference is available to view until 6 September 2020.

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