News and Events

Here’s the list of the main events taking place through March dedicated to the biogas and biomethane world.  

ADBA Scottish Conference
When: 12 March 2020
Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
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Biomass valorisation in Africa as a solution to climate change
When: 16-17 March 2020
Where: Rabat, Morocco
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ACI’s 9th Annual Gasification Summit
When: 18-19 March 2020
Where: Lyon, France
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International Conference on Biofuels & Renewable Energy
When: 19-20 March 2020
Where: Berlin, Germany
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Global Methane Forum
When: 23-27 March 2020
Where: Geneva, Switzerland
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Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD)
When: 24-25  March 2020
Where: Berlin, Germany
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2020 Value of Biogas East Conference
When: 26-27 March 2020
Where: Toronto, Canada
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Tour De La Biométhanisation En Wallonie
When: 5, 16, 31 March 2020
Where: Wallonia, France
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