Biogas Channel is the first, unique video-only web channel dedicated to biogas and biomethane across all applications.

And now, armed with our solid experience in the biogas sector, we are at a new threshold: biomethane. For this reason we have created two distinct themed sections, each focusing on one of the two sectors. Our mission is to promote accurate and up-to-date knowledge of each topic, broadening the debate and giving space and a voice to the main players on the global market.

All content is carefully selected, verifying the quality of the sources used and the validity of the experiences presented. Distinctive elements include the international scope of contributions and constant updates to reflect regulatory and market developments.

The channel also aims to establish an increasingly interactive and personalised dialogue with its users, thus creating a real community gateway.

The Biogas Channel evolved in 2013 out of an editorial initiative conceived and supported by AB, the most important international company specialising in cogeneration and the exploitation for energy purposes of renewable sources like biogas and biomethane. AB strongly believes in the importance of spreading knowledge and promoting values such as sustainability, respect of the environment and energy efficiency. Accordingly, and in response to growing interest in the cogeneration sector, it has launched a parallel information initiative alongside the Biogas Channel called the Cogeneration Channel.