Dominic HoggChairmanEunomia Research & Consulting

Dominic Hogg has worked in the environmental field for over 25 years as a campaigner, researcher and consultant during which time he has developed a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what can be done for the environment within the bounds of economic viability.

With an honors degree in physics from the University of Oxford, and a PhD on the economics of technological change from the University of Cambridge, he has undertaken a wide range of cross-disciplinary projects related to waste and resources policy for (amongst others) UK Government departments, Environment Agency, Overseas Governments and European Commission.

Dominic is the Chairman of Euronomia, an environmental consulting firm specialised in waste and resources management. As well as chairing Eunomia, Dominic is Chair of the Board of the West of England Nature Partnership, whose aim is to embed the value of the natural environment within local decision making. He also sits on the regional ESIF committee informing the allocation of EU funds at the regional level. He is Vice Chair of the Low Carbon Sector Group which supports the West of England LEP. Dominic is a CIWM Waste Ambassador and he is also a member of the technical working group developing the EMAS sectoral reference document on the Waste Management Sector. He has been technical advisor to two House of Commons inquiries into waste management.